How to Get to Camotes

Camotes Ferry Boat, Jomalia Shipping

Camotes Ferry Boat, Jomalia Shipping

For first timers, we always find asking ourselves, how to get to Camotes Island? Well, this for me is the easiest route to take.

First, take your stop at SM Cebu City, Philippines then take a jeepney that goes straight to Danao City or you can take a taxi to the North, Terminal Station and from there, take a north bus going to Danao City. There are also Vans-for-hire, also called “V-hire”, ready in the SM terminal located just beside the main entrance of the mall.

Alight at the Danao City Port and take the Ferry to Camotes, Island.

Option 1: By Ferry
Jomalia Shipping / Tel No. +63 (032) 346-0421

You can reach Camotes Island by taking a ferry boat from Danao City, to Consuelo Pier. It will take 2 hours.

Rates: Php180 per head, Php200 (Aircon)

Danao Port, Cebu to Consuelo Pier, Camotes
Depart: 05:30 AM | Arrive: 07:30 AM
Depart: 08:30 PM | Arrive: 10:30 PM
Depart: 12:00 PM | Arrive: 02:00 PM
Depart: 05:30 PM | Arrive: 07:00 PM

Consuelo Pier, Camotes – Danao Port, Cebu
Depart: 05:30 AM | Arrive: 07:30 AM
Depart: 09:00 AM | Arrive: 11:00 AM
Depart: 02:00 PM | Arrive: 04:00 PM
Depart: 04:00 PM | Arrive: 06:00 PM

Option 2: Fastcraft
Golden Express Ocean Jet / Tel. No. +63 (032) 255-7560

Rates: Php350

Pier 1, Cebu City to Poro, Camotes
Depart: 05:30 PM | Arrive: 07:30 PM

Poro, Camotes to Pier 1, Cebu City
Depart: 06:00 AM | Arrive: 08:00 AM

Option 3: Pumpboat (Not Available to Consuelo)

Danao Port, Cebu to Puerta Bello, San Francisco Camotes
Depart: 01:00 PM | Arrive: 03:00 PM


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